Let’s move it!

As the new school year begins and you and your family are settling into a routine, don’t forget to stay physically active. Start this new school year off with healthy habits. Although summer has come to an end, the heat still remains, making it difficult to be active outside. Use these ideas to keep kids moving while staying cool!


Up and down the stairs – How fast are you? Can you beat your siblings?


Pretend all the tile or carpet in the house is hot lava!

During commercials see how many jumping jacks you can do

 blog post_Active_jumping


Play your family’s favorite music – have everyone join in! Dance party!

In your room – create your own crazy moves!


 blog post_Active_swim


Practice swimming laps.

Play a family game of catch or volleyball in your pool.


Still want to get out of the house? Find a local ice-skating rink, bowling ally or jump house!


blog post_Active_fruit

After a lot of activity fruit is the perfect snack. Fresh fruit contains carbohydrates that provide energy and lots of water for hydration. Fruit is also full of nutrients your body needs to replenish after exercise.


What is your favorite way to add activity to your school year?


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