Kids Eat Right Month: Re-Cap

In honor of Kids Eat Right month (which is August), CUSD Nutrition took an innovative approach to getting kids excited about healthy eating!

 blog post_kids eat right month 02

During lunch, boys and girls were thrilled to find out they would be competing against their peers, to see who could eat the most fruits and vegetables. Incorporating technology, digital signage displayed a running total at the front of the lunchroom, as kids worked hard to eat all their fruits and vegetables!

  blog post_kids eat right month 01

What made this approach so effective was kids were not just being told to eat healthy, but they could see the benefit of what they were doing right in front of them. With great success, CUSD was able to motivate kids to get interested and excited about school nutrition. Watch the video below to see all the excitement!


Stay tuned for upcoming CUSD Nutrition events and visit for more information on Kids Eat Right month!


Did your kids participate in Kids Eat Right month? What did they think?











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