Mummy Dogs with a Side of Monster Apples

What you need:

  •           Hotdogs
  •           1 can Crescent Dough
  •           Optional: Mustard or Ketchup
  •           Favorite Apples
  •           Peanut Butter
  •           Jelly
  •           Optional: Halloween candy, Dried fruit

Mummy Dogs

blog post_FOOD ART_halloween01

Monster Apples

While you are waiting for your mummy dogs, get creative with sliced or whole apples.

blog post_FOOD ART_halloween02

  • Use apple slices to create monster mouths!
  • Place peanut butter or jelly on both sides of apple slices
  • Use sliced apple pieces to create jagged teeth!
  • Use a whole apple to build your own monster!
  • Cut out the monster mouth
  • Place jelly, peanut or both inside
  • Use dried fruits, other fresh fruits, some Halloween candy and more to give your monster a scary look!

Give your mummy some ketchup or mustard eyes and enjoy!


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