Healthy Fall, Healthy you

blog post_HEALTHY TIPS

Make this Fall your healthiest yet, with a healthy tip for every day of November.

  1. Flu season is here. Remind kids to wash their hands.
  2. Remind kids to slow down and enjoy their food.
  3. BUY most of your food from the produce, dairy and deli section.
  4. Make dinner time, family time.
  5. Shop smart and read the nutrition labels.
  6. 100% fruit juice counts as one serving of fruit.
  7. Go on a family walk.
  8. 10 minutes in the sun a day give adequate Vitamin D.
  9. Apples, oranges, and pears are all in season this month.
  10. Don’t forget to eat breakfast.
  11. Stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.
  12. Have fruit with yogurt for dessert.
  13. Moderation is key.
  14. Use vinegar to disinfect surfaces and toys.
  15. Create a physical activity chart.
  16. Take your kids to the library to pick out books.
  17. Check the CUSD Nutrition blog for Thanksgiving Super foods.
  18. Teach your kids the importance of flossing.
  19. Let kids pick their own fruit and vegetable snack after school.
  20. Have a jump rope contest.
  21. Replace the saltshaker with herbs and spices.
  22. Make whole grain pancakes for breakfast.
  23. Add more fruits and vegetables to holiday cooking.
  24. Select cold foods last when shopping.
  25. Play a game of catch.
  26. Educate yourself on how to safely prepare holiday meals.
  27. Be thankful.
  28. Donate canned food to your local food bank.
  29. Have your kids pick their favorite fruits at the grocery store.
  30. End November with an outdoor family activity.

What are your great tips for staying healthy in the Fall/Winter months?


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