10 Tips for a Healthy New Year

  1. Think Fresh

Eat foods that are fresh and unprocessed. Avoid prepackaged meals and snacks. These processed foods are high in sodium and sugars. Fresh foods are in their most natural state!

  1. Keep a Visible Reminder

Keep a full fruit bowl in a noticeable place. A colorful fruit bowl is a great reminder to consume fruits everyday. Easily grab-able fruit makes for quick snacks on the go!

  1. Build a Garden

Building your own garden guarantees fresh and inexpensive food. It is also a fun learning experience for children. Begin growing fresh herbs and beginner produce like tomatoes, carrots and radishes. Search for produce that grows well in your area! Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Be a Healthy Role Model

As a parent, your health behaviors are an important influence on your child. Set a good example by trying new foods, eating fruits and veggies, and making healthy choices. This will positively impact your child’s choices.


  1. Save Money

Stretching your food dollar is a great way to save money this New Year. Look at your surrounding grocery stores for daily deals. Use your newspaper for prices and coupons to help you save. Buy food items that are on sale and compare competitors brands.


  1. Be Creative

Being creative in the kitchen gets children engaged and excited about health eating. Invent snacks and meals with your child. Have them pair some of their favorite foods with foods they are still warming up to. Create unique names for typical meal items and make fruits and veggies into fun shapes.


  1. Limit Screen Time

Too much computer and TV time can be unhealthy. Screen time limits the time children are physically active and engaged with family and school. Limiting electronic use to 2 hours per day will make room for more activity.


  1. Makeover your Fridge

A new year calls for a fridge makeover. Clean out all the junk and stock up on healthy options. Pre-wash and cut fresh fruits and veggies. Have low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese on hand. Replace any sugar drinks with fresh filtered water.


  1. Be an Active Family

Doing activities as a family makes it easier to live an active lifestyle. Create a schedule of specific days and times for family fun and exercise. Be creative with indoor and outdoor activities so you are prepared for any weather condition. Track you and your families’ progress and continually set goals.


  1. Stick to a List

The easiest way to stay on track with healthy eating is to make a list. Plan out all the weeks meals and snacks before your grocery trip. Creating a detailed list will shorten your time at the store and ensure your family stays on track.

All recommendation are verified from the USDA ChooseMyPlate.gov


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