How Food Absorbs Water

In this fun and fascinating experiment we are mixing science with food! As we all know, plants need water and nutrients to grow, but how do they get them? They absorb everything they need up through their stem! This process is occurring all around us. Yet we don’t see it because water is clear and nutrients are microscopic. However, with this exciting experiment that will all change.

e4d162a3f39bc6d94c94177f0d888bb8  IMG_4482

  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Cabbage Leaves
  • Celery
  • White Flowers
  • Large Cups / Jars
  • Fill each jar halfway full of water
  • Add 10 drops of different food coloring to each jar or mix colors to create your own unique hues
  • Place one cabbage leaf in each different color jar
  • Repeat this will celery and then white flowers
  • Let the cabbage, celery and flowers sit in the jars over night
  • The next morning, be amazed! The plants and flowers have absorbed the water and the food coloring. Creating an array of beautiful colors. Sucking up nutrients through a stem is what all plants and flowers do, in order to get the water and nutrients they need to grow and be healthy.

Share photos of your experiment results!


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