Heart-ful Websites

Heart failure is the leading cause of death in the United States. There are a variety of risk factors, prevention measures and treatments for heart disease. The Internet is full of opinions on these topics, making it difficult to decipher what to believe. Thankfully, we have made it easy to find reliable information about heart disease and health!

           Compiled below are lists of credible websites that base their content on research. Plus, a few heart healthy food blogs are a great way to inspire in the kitchen!


American Heart Association

Check out their new issue of Heart Health Matters E-zine!


National Institute of Aging

Learn about the effects of aging on the heart and what measures you can take to make a positive change


Banner Health

Take the Heart “Age” Test


Heart Foundation

Get the facts on heart health and the measures you can take to prevent heart disease. Browse the “News and Stories” section for new blog updates!



Center for Disease Control and Prevention

View a trustworthy “Heart Failure Fact Sheet”


Harvard Medical School

A blog based fully on new research and heart heath


Heart Sisters

A blog written by a survivor herself, a combination of research and real life stories to guide anyone through a similar experience


The Healthy Foodie

Find creative inspiration on different ways to nourish your health with a variety of recipes


The Heart Beet Kitchen

Explore heart healthy recipes utilizing fresh and seasonal foods



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