Invisible Ink

The colorful varieties of citrus fruits are refreshingly juicy. Not only do they add brightness and flavor to foods, citrus can be used to make creative art! Today we will demonstrate how to paint with citrus. This project combines art and science with food, linking creativity with knowledge!

First let us discuss the science aspect of citrus art. The high acidity found in citrus fruits weakens the paper. When heat is added to the paper, the weakened areas that have been exposed to the citrus turn brown.


What you will need:

  • Citrus Juice
  • Blank Paper
  • Q-tips
  • Blow dryer

What you will do:

Start by having your child squeeze their favorite citrus fruits into a bowl. They can do this by using a manual juicer or their hands. This step smells especially delicious! Tell your child to smell the fresh aromas of the squeezed fruits.

Using a Q-tip, demonstrate dipping first into the squeezed citrus and then onto the blank paper. Creating unique and personal designs, draw pictures, shapes or fruits! The design, shape and detail of the different citrus fruits can be used as inspiration for their art.

Once your child has finished their masterpiece and the paper has dried- use a blow dryer or other similar heat source on the paper. Simply place the heat in front of the paper until the areas exposed to citrus begin to turn brown. Once the painted image appears, remove the heat.

Finally, let them admire their artwork! Explain the reaction that occurred between the acidic citrus and the heat. Describe how citrus fruits keep our immune system strong so we can fight off colds and how fruit is flavorful and fun! (For additional healthy benefits of citrus read our Todays Superfood: Citrus blog here).

Don’t forget! We would love to see your citrus art creations. Send them in, post them below or post them to our Facebook page!


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