20 Resources from The Dairy Association

Dairy has long been thought of as a necessary superfood. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are diverse and nutritious. Providing a great source of essential nutrients including protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

During a child’s growth and development, the nutrients that dairy products provide are crucial. Luckily, dairy can be offered in a variety of ways and here at CUSD we do just that! Visit www.cusdnutrition.nutrislice.com to see where dairy is offered on your child’s menu.

Plus, catch up with current articles, fun facts, and recipes honoring The Dairy Association!

  1. It would take 21 cups of chopped broccoli to deliver the same amount of calcium as three glasses of milk.
  2. Treating animals with respect and compassion is part of every dairy farmer’s heritage.
  3. Farm Fact – Farmers bottle-feed calves individually to make sure they receive good nutrition.
  4. Read how this farm family turned to technology to help improve cow comfort. http://bit.ly/1C25Yog
  5. Think cheese isn’t right for you? Read more why you should think again: http://bit.ly/1FTHxJb
  6. Fact – Read how the dairy industry keeps milk and dairy products safe. http://bit.ly/1ERMhjp
  7. Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day by learning how to build the best grilled cheese sandwich. http://bit.ly/1Go26gw
  8. Your milk may be more local than you thought. Most milk travels approx. 48 hours from farm to table. http://bit.ly/1nw8CGR
  9. Chocolate milk is a popular choice, and kids drink less milk—and get fewer essential nutrients—if it’s taken off the school lunch menu.
  10. Real and wholesome – cow’s milk is simply milk, with seven naturally occurring nutrients, plus added vitamins A and D. http://bit.ly/1LMLEtF
  11. Then and Now: learn how the dairy industry has evolved over the years. http://bit.ly/1wZ1b0R
  12. The best way to preserve land is to keep farms in business. Farmers understand and appreciate nature and take good care of their property.
  13. Did you know? Dairy farms must follow strict state and local water quality regulations. Dairy farmers use water responsibly in their milking parlors, in water storage and in recycling.
  14. Infographic: learn what’s actually in your glass. http://bit.ly/1LoxNNA
  15. Learn how this farm family is turning trash into treasure! http://bit.ly/1fE1Cua
  16. Dairy farmers do their part to help our planet this Earth Day and beyond. http://bit.ly/RIgm0O
  17. While the milkman may be a thing of the past, consumers today still have convenient options for milk and other food delivery services.
  18. Did you know?  Dairy farms typically are passed down from generation to generation, meaning farm families often have lived in their community for decades and will continue to do so as long as the farm exists.
  19. Dairy farmers are committed to healthy, safe products and maintain high standards, particularly after treating sick cows. However, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion about antibiotics, hormones and the impact on the U.S. milk supply. Read the facts at http://bit.ly/1wuGZsX
  20. Raising beef is more sustainable than you think: http://bit.ly/1A1vFmG

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