Today’s Superfood: Strawberries

For the month of May we celebrate Strawberries! Not surprisingly, strawberries are the most popular berry in the United States. They are valued for their sweet, juicy flavor and broad nutrient profile. There is no doubt that strawberries are a powerful superfood. Their antioxidant power came in 4th places when compared to all other fruits eaten in the U.S. The combination of antioxidants, vitamin C and robust anti-inflammatory nutrients provide our bodies with ultimate protection.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Research shows that strawberries decrease the sharp spike in blood sugar when consumed with other sugary foods. Additionally, consuming them 2-3 times per week seemed to significantly decrease the risk of type-2 diabetes. This is due to strawberries unique and potent nutrients!

Vitamin C Power: Surprisingly strawberries have the most vitamin C content than any other fruit! This means strawberries protect our bodies from inflammation and stress caused by our toxic environment. This tough protection helps our bodies defend itself against illness.

FUN FACT: Strawberries are the only fruit that wear their seeds on the outside. No wonder it’s so easy to get them stuck in your teeth!

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Strawberries are exceptionally fragile and perishable. Luckily, with the right care and selection strawberries can hold on to their nutrients and flavor.


  • Once strawberries are picked they don’t ripen any further. Choose berries that have minimal green and yellow patches.
  • Wait to wash strawberries until right before you eat them- Washing strawberries before placing them in the fridge to sit can speed up spoiling.
  • Store fresh strawberries in the storage bin of the fridge. The humidity is higher and preserves the strawberries longer.
  • Strawberries should be eaten within 2-3 days after purchasing. A great way to preserve them for longer is to store them in the freezer.

Strawberries are best when eaten fresh. They can easily be added to salads, smoothies, deserts, or eaten as a fresh snack. They provide great mouth watering flavor, color, freshness and sweetness. Test out these super simple strawberry Froyo Bites!

blog post_superfood_strawberry02


1 cup plain yogurt

1 cup strawberries

Blend ingredients together in a food processor.

Using a piping bag or small spoon, scoop the yogurt into a mold or ice cube tray.  Freeze until ready to eat.   Makes 10-12 ‘cubes’.

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Pinto Mda S, de Carvalho JE, Lajolo FM, et al. Evaluation of antiproliferative, anti-type 2 diabetes, and antihypertension potentials of ellagitannins from strawberries (Fragaria — ananassa Duch.) using in vitro models. J Med Food. 2010 Oct;13(5):1027-35. 2010.


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