CUSD Nutrition Wants YOU To Join Our Team!

Our Philosophy

CUSD Nutrition is dedicated to serving children of all ages, healthy and safe meals. Providing superior customer experiences while building strong relationships is something our department values greatly. Our diverse and committed staff is constantly working to serve nutritious and quality food. In turn, we are able to promote academic excellence to the students in the Chandler Unified School District.

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life

Every employee at CUSD is a small part of a larger picture. No matter how small the task, it all adds up to a bigger purpose- serving our children. Each employee’s individual contribution to our nutrition department allows us to serve thousands of meals to hungry children every day. By being a part our team you are directly impacting a child’s life for the better.

Be a Part of a Team

Feel comforted knowing someone always has your back. It takes a lot of input and unique personalities to build our brilliant team. We trust that all of our employees support and motivate each other. Together, we can strive for excellence.

Enjoy Your Benefits

CUSD Nutrition believes every employee is valuable. We allow our employees to have creative freedom to express their ideas and inspire others. With determination, there is always room for growth. We recognize each individual’s hard work and efforts and appreciate that commitment.

  • Flexible Schedule/Hours
  • Benefits
  • Holidays Off
  • State Retirement (dependent upon hours/week)

Visit our Website for more info!


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