Kitchen Helpers

You can never start too early getting children involved in the kitchen. The holidays bring lots of food and endless opportunities for cooking time. Cooking is an exciting experience for kids to uses their creativity while learning new skills.

First, start by teaching your child the basics and as they progresses allow them to have more kitchen responsibility. Throughout their experience teach them about the time and patience involved in building a recipe. Introduce them to new flavors and textures and let their imagination go wild!

Don’t forget! While your child is becoming a chef master continually educated them on the number of hazards in the kitchen. Teach them about proper hygiene and how to correctly wash their hands.

The Basics (4-7 years old)

Measuring: Using small measuring spoons to measure ingredients into a bowl

Weighing: Spooning ingredients on to kitchen scales

Mixing: Using a whisk, spoon or hands to mix ingredients together

Kneading: Assist in kneading dough

Spreading: Spreading jam or butter on toast or icing a cake

Washing: Rinse fruits and vegetables

Picking: Have them pick fruits and veggies from a garden or at the store

Super Skills (8-11 years old)

Cutting: Begin teaching children knife skills, practice first with a butter knife the proper way to hold and use. Have them slice soft foods like berries, butter and bread until they are they become comfortable.

Measuring: Have them start measuring out larger quantities of ingredients. Practicing their math skills!

Beating: Teach them how to uses an electric mixer to beat eggs and cakes batter

Greasing: Have them uses butter and cooking spray on cooking pans

Cleaning: Help wipe down tables and counters, help rinse spoons and small dishes

The Little Chef (12 and up)

Recipes: Have them follow simple recipes. Let them brainstorm ideas for creative snacks and meals!

Heating: Teach them how to properly use the microwave, watch food on the stove, and place food in the oven.

Equipment: Explain the use of different kitchen equipment and how to safely use

Opening: Show them how to use a can opener and open a variety of containers

Shopping List: Have them look in the fridge and cupboards to help create a grocery list

Peeling: Show them how to uses a potato peeler on different items